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This sample itinerary can be tailored to you and your family’s precise requirements and interests. That is what the Morocco specialists at Pomegranate Travel excel at!

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Day 1

Welcome to Morocco & Street Food Tour


Arrive at Menara International Airport, Marrakech where you will be met by our VIP service and escorted through arrival procedures. You will then be transferred by comfortable air-conditioned car to your hotel in Marrakech.

After checking in at your hotel, as the sun sets over the Ocre City of Marrakesh, indulge your tastebuds with our evening street food tour, venturing beyond the well-trodden paths of Djemaa el Fna into the heart of the medina with its bustling streets and hidden alleyways. Designed by locals with deep knowledge and passion for their city’s culinary secrets, embark on a journey through flavours and stories untold. This isn’t just a regular food tour but a culinary adventure where every dish tells a tale of Moroccan tradition and innovation. Sample flavours unique to Marrakech, visit a beloved local haunt that’s been serving popular favourites for more than 30 years, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Moroccan cuisine, far from any of the tourist traps. Accompanied by an expert guide, this unforgettable private tour invites you to experience the city’s street food scene with depth and authenticity.

Day 2

Classic Marrakech


With its exotic heritage, fragranced gardens, labyrinthine medina, and flamboyant souks, Marrakech encapsulates the spirit of the Maghreb like no other city. With full flexibility, today’s privately guided half-day tour is an opportunity to explore Morocco’s “Ochre City”, taking in the sites that interest you most. Highlights include the main square, Djemaa el Fna, famed for its snake charmers, fortune tellers, musicians and dance troupes, and the 12th-century Koutoubia Mosque, a symbol of the city’s rich Islamic history. You might choose to explore the Jewish Quarter (Mellah), touching on the history of Jewish footprints in the region. Lovers of architecture (and beauty we might add!) won’t want to miss the resplendent palaces of Morocco, and will want to visit one of the 19th-century Bahia Palace, renowned for its zouak ceilings, or El Basha Palace or Dar Si Said (once reopened). Further treasures include the 16th-century Saadian Tombs within the royal kasbah, and Medersa Ben Youssef, perhaps the most exquisite example of Islamic architecture within a madrasa in Morocco. Whether you like to tour fast or slow, to focus on one topic or gain an overview, your private guide will tailor this tour to your specific interests.

This evening we will be happy to book you at one of Marrakech’s many fabulous restaurants.

Day 3

Jardins Majorelle & Artisans tour


Created by French artist Jacques Majorelle, later purchased by Yves Saint Laurent, Marrakech’s Jardin Majorelle is a magnificent 12-acre botanical garden in the heart of the city, with an enormous display of cactus trees, cypresses, towering banana palms and vibrant bougainvillaea surrounding a bright cobalt blue art deco studio, which houses the Musée Berbère (Berber Museum). Stroll along the peaceful shaded pathways and take in the scent of roses, jasmine and hibiscus while you learn about the history of the gardens and their 40-year creation by Jacques Majorelle. Visit the Berber Museum in Majorelle’s former painting studio, wander through its collection of Berber art, textiles and artefacts, and learn about North Africa’s first inhabitants’ history and rich cultural heritage.

Dive into Marrakech’s artisanal heritage with a private tour dedicated to the city’s craftsmanship. But first, your adventure begins at the heart of Moroccan life – the kitchen – where you’ll prepare a slow-cooked dish cherished by locals called tangia. This special recipe, steeped in legend and tradition, is unique to Marrakech and encapsulates its culinary spirit. Leaving your dish to cook slowly in its clay pot, set off to explore the city’s vibrant marketplaces, known locally as souks. In a zero-pressure environment, accompanied by an expert guide, delve into the wonderful world of Moroccan crafts.  Each experience is unique, but for example you might meet artisans of traditional tilework, brass etching, leatherwork and zaouak wood painting. This is a fully immersive tour where you’ll get to participate and create as you observe local craftsmen and gain insight into the city’s enduring cultural legacy.

Finally, return to the kitchen and sample your dish fresh from the oven!

Day 4

High Atlas Moutains

Atlas Mountains

Journey into the dramatic yet tranquil countryside of the Atlas Mountains with your private guide and 4×4 driver.  Here you’ll experience life in a traditional Amazigh village, meet a local family, and gain an insight into Berber customs and culture. Nestled in the Toubkal valley, surrounded by walnut, cherry, and apple trees, this small Berber village of feels a million miles from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. Enjoy some light hiking on the pretty mountain trails with their beautiful views and take a moment to bask in the fresh air and sounds of nature. Stroll through the village, enjoy a Moroccan tea-making lesson and sample regional cuisine with a local lunch. This area is recovering from the September 2023 earthquake, and tourism directly supports local communities.

Continue to your luxury hotel, which provides the perfect setting for unwinding and a peaceful evening.

Day 5

Agafay Desert

Agafay Desert

This morning journey from the rich greens and reds of the High Atlas, to the yellows of the rocky Agafay desert region, arriving at your beautifully appointed camp.  Depending on your mood and tempo, you might try out a camel ride, an ATV adventure, take out some bikes or try a hike with one of our expert guides.  Alternatively, idling by the pool and admiring the landscape is always an option.

Desert Indulgence

This evening enjoy a spectacular desert sunset, together with a sundowner, followed by a spectacular evening of desert hospitality, complete with fire pits and local musicians.  We will be happy to arrange star gazing for a truly memorable evening!

Day 6

Depart Morocco


You will be transferred by comfortable air-conditioned car to Marrakech Menara International Airport. Our VIP service will assist you with procedures. We wish you a safe and comfortable journey.

Stay Longer

Consider including more of the mountains, desert or North.

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