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Extended Oman

This sample itinerary can be tailored to you and your family’s precise requirements and interests. That is what the Oman specialists at Pomegranate Travel excel at!


Day 1

Welcome to Oman!


Upon arrival at Muscat International Airport (Oman), you will be welcomed at the flight gate by a personal assistant and porter who will be holding a sign with your name and ready with buggy cars. As you relax and enjoy the arrival lounge refreshments, your arrival procedures will be taken care of by your personal assistant who will assist you throughout the process, while your luggage is collected by your porter. Once all procedures are completed, you will be escorted to your hotel transfer, accompanied by the personal assistant and porter, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

You will be transferred to your hotel for overnight.

Day 2

Muscat City Tour & Insider Meeting


Muscat offers a unique opportunity to witness Oman’s modern commercial capital city co-exist with the country’s traditional culture. See the Grand Mosque (closed on Fridays), including inside this spectacular religious structure, and view the Sultan’s palace, the official residence of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Visit the National Museum of Oman which neatly set out the history of the country and its culture in a modern and interactive environment. Interest allowing you will also visit the Opera House, one of the city’s most impressive pieces of architecture. During today’s tour you will also have an opportunity to practice your bartering skills as you visit the colorful Muttrah Souq where you will find vendors of traditional wares, foods, spices and artisanal items.

A true example of female empowerment is the remarkable stories of the hardworking women of Sidab, a quaint fishing village just outside Muscat where you can see traditional Omani culture and craftsmanship thrive. These women, have honed the traditional skills which are their inheritance, in sewing, photography, henna artistry, and Omani cooking. Their entrepreneurial spirit has led them to establish successful small businesses, earning recognition from corporate leaders, community figures, and even heads of state. Learn about the intricate details and deep symbolism woven into the garments and the vital role they play in preserving Omani traditions.

Day 3

Muscat Water Adventures


Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Gulf of Oman with a dolphin-watching and snorkeling cruise from Muscat. Venture into the azure waters, where you may have the opportunity to observe playful dolphins, including bottlenose, common, spinner, and Risso’s dolphins, as well as rare whale species like humpback and blue whales.  After marveling at these majestic cetaceans, immerse yourself in the crystalline waters at a nearby snorkeling site, teeming with vibrant coral beds and an exotic array of tropical fish. This experience allows you to witness the enchanting underwater world of Oman’s coastal waters and create lasting memories of its rich marine life.

This evening we invite you to relax on a private tranquil dhow cruise adventure as you journey along the Muscat coast, experiencing the same breathtaking views that ancient mariners did centuries ago. During the cruise, relax and enjoy a delightful assortment of refreshments, including traditional Omani Kahwa, water, dates, and soft drinks. This enchanting excursion offers an unforgettable way to immerse yourself in the beauty of Muscat’s rich history and captivating landscapes while indulging in the finest Omani hospitality.

Day 4

Muttrah Souq & Cook


Located in the heart of old Muscat in the busy Muttrah Corniche, the Muttrah Souq is an enchanting marketplace that pulls you in as you lose yourself in its winding alleys and vibrant stalls. As one of the oldest marketplaces in Oman, it has been a bustling hub of trade and commerce for over two centuries. Visit the souk and also the city’s busy fresh fish souk with a local expert Omani chef to choose the finest ingredients for you to cook together. Together you will continue onwards to your professional kitchen where you will learn about traditional Omani recipes, spices and cooking techniques and then prepare a meal together representative of local cuisine, with items such as fresh fish, local salads and date puddings.

Day 5

Muscat to Jabal Akhdar Scenic Adventure

Muscat, Jabal Akhdar

Set off on an offroad adventure in a 4×4 as we drive through the expansive ‘Wadi Bani Awf,’ one of the largest wadis in the Al Rustaq region. As we journey we will make several stops including at Nakhal to visit the fort and the hot water springs, and at the famous ‘Snake Canyon’ viewpoint positioned within the wadi and offering stunning and picturesque scenery.   We will continue to Bilad Sayt, a breathtaking village straight out of an Arabian fairy tale, and then to the ancient town of Al Hamra with its fine examples of traditional Omani architecture.  Finally, we will continue our drive to the break taking Jabal Akhdar mountains and upon arrival check-in at the hotel.

Day 6

Mountain Hike & Roses

Jabal Akhdar

Setting out into the Jabal Akhdar mountainous area, you will find yourself spoilt for choice for spectacular walking trails, which wind through this stunning area, through villages and wilderness alike. Please let us know about your fitness level so that we can match you with the perfect guide and of course trail which can range from short and simple to a full day and more challenging. You will also visit the rose flower plantations, taking a stroll through them (blossom season is Feb and March, but the plantations can be enjoyed year round) and learning about this important form of agriculture for the country. Visiting the rose areas you will also stop by a simple farming home where you will witness this traditional way of life and may even be able to see the process of home distilling of rose water.

Day 7

Nizwa & Onwards to Wahiba Sands

Nizwa, Wahiba Sands

The enchanting city of Nizwa lies in the middle of the breathtaking mountainous region. During the 6th and 7th centuries, it was the capital and has managed to preserve it’s place as Oman’s cultural capital. Nizwa’s outstanding souk is one of the most beautiful and bountiful in the country, showcasing a selection of items made from wood, clay, and precious metals, as well as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and spices. On Friday mornings, there is the unforgettable experience of witnessing a large cattle market where Bedouins from a number of different tribes flock to buy and sell camels and other animals. Nizwa is also renowned for its beautiful architecture and the mighty fort that stands tall above the city, famous for its round guard tower, the fort is now home to a fascinating museum. Time allowing you can also visit the newly opened museum Oman across the Ages (not open on Friday mornings) which is modern and interactive, and offers a wonderful collection of artifacts connected to the Sultan.

Nestled beneath the grandeur of Nizwa’s ancient fort, the Nizwa souk serves as a vibrant hub of trade and tradition. This historic marketplace, meticulously restored to its former glory, stands as one of Oman’s most captivating souks and an essential destination for those seeking an authentic taste of local life.
Every Friday morning, the souk comes alive with the bustling livestock auction. Locals dressed in traditional attire gather around a central stage, as the auction unfolds with spirited bidding and friendly banter. Witness the unique blend of tradition and camaraderie that infuses this lively event.

After Nizwa we will proceed to the Wahiba Sands for overnight.

Day 8

Bedouin, Oasis, Ships & Castles

Wahiba sands, Sur, Raz al Jinz

Bedouin camps are evident in the Wahiba Sands area, which is still home to a number of Bedouin families, and you will have the opportunity to learn about this way of life, so different from ours. The best way to learn about these amazing and hardy people is to spend time doing with the Bedouin inside their environment. You will have the opportunity to share some tea and dates, talk to them and ask plenty of questions.


Wadi Bani Khalid, also known as Wadi Hayer or Wadi Hawer, is a desert paradise of an oasis in the middle of the sweltering sands. It is surrounded by date palm trees and consists of a network of pools with sparkling blue water surrounded by rock valleys. As you will learn, Wadi Bani Khalid is not a single spot but a wide expanse of area covering numerous villages in these rocky hills. The pools in the Wadi have absolutely clear sparkling waters and there is even a waterfall here. You are invited to enjoy this wonderful site by getting a little wet!

Continue to Raz al Jinz via Sur, which offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. Visit the fish jetty and then watch Omani artisans use centuries-old techniques to build traditional Arabian ships at a dhow factory. A stroll along the city’s picturesque corniche provides a glimpse into Sur’s maritime past, while the nearby beaches offer a tranquil retreat, and the local restaurants a delicious opportunity to try some of the local seafood dishes.


Next for a quick stop at Raz al Hadd Castle, located in the village of Raz al Hadd, the castle was built in the late 16th century and played a vital role in defending the region against invaders.  As you explore the castle, you’ll discover its impressive architecture, including a large wall connecting two towers and a solid foundation measuring approximately 3 meters in width. The castle also houses a collection of historical artifacts, such as old rifles, showcasing the region’s past.  A short walk from the castle, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea before continuing to Rz al Jinz.

Day 9

Raz al Jinz

Raz al Jinz

Raz Al Jinz, nestled on the easternmost tip of the Arabian Peninsula in Oman, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and fascinating wildlife. Home to the renowned Raz Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, this charming fishing village offers a front-row seat to the wonders of the ocean. Each year, thousands of sea turtles journey to the shores of Raz Al Jinz to lay their eggs, making it a critical nesting site for the endangered green turtle, olive ridley turtle, loggerhead turtle, and critically endangered hawksbill turtle. Visitors can witness this incredible natural phenomenon through guided tours led by experienced rangers, who share their knowledge and passion for these ancient creatures.

Day 10

The Empty Quarter of Salalah

Muscat, Salalah

Following your stay in Raz Al Jinz, you will be transported back to Muscat International Airport to board a flight to the enchanting city of Salalah, where you will spend 4 nights.

Day 11

Day at leisure


Salalah, the vibrant capital city of Oman’s southern Dhofar region, is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends coastal beauty with rich history and cultural charm. Boasting a unique climate influenced by seasonal monsoon winds, Salalah offers a distinct experience from the rest of Oman, characterized by lush landscapes, towering coconut groves, and pristine white sand beaches.


Day 12

Day at leisure


Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara during a leisurely day of relaxation. Unwind on the pristine beach, indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, or savor delectable cuisine at one of the resort’s acclaimed restaurants. With an array of recreational activities and exceptional service, Al Baleed Resort Salalah promises a memorable and luxurious day amidst Oman’s natural beauty.

Day 14

Depart Oman


You will be transferred by comfortable air-conditioned car to Salalah International Airport. Our representative will assist you with procedures.  We wish you a safe and comfortable journey home, taking with you many treasured memories.

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