Bike & hike

Israel has exceptional terrain, natural beauty and facilities for biking and hiking tours. Our specialist guides are amongst the best in the world and will provide you with an adventure to remember.



Israel is a phenomenal destination for biking and hiking. Firstly, Israel offers huge swathes of natural forests, emerald green hills, and arid deserts to journey through, lakes to circumvent, and rivers and coastline to cycle or hike alongside. Not only is the scenery stunning, it is also unusually varied.

Where else in the world can you cycle through forests and into desert in one day? Secondly, although you will be here primarily for a hiking or biking adventure, you will also enjoy stopping at historical and archaeological sites, boutique wineries and breweries, and small farms which are scattered throughout the country. Thirdly, our adventure guides are second to none.

Not only are they all technically excellent, but they will bring the country alive for you and go above and beyond to make sure you are challenged without being uncomfortable.

If you’re particularly interested in cycling, please ask us about both road cycling and off-road biking – the Negev desert in the South of Israel has some of the best off-road cycling in the world.

  • Cycling

    This is a touring route led by specialist local guides which immerses participants in stunning landscapes and invites them to dig a bit deeper into Israeli culture.
  • Hiking

    If you’re looking for a breath-taking adventure then look no further – this week-long experience will challenge you physically, whilst exposing you to some of Israel’s most stunning desert and oasis scenery.

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