Boomers Birthright

Pomegranate Travel also specialises in designing tailored group tour packages to suit your special interest group. We offer tailored tours to create a luxury holiday that works for everyone joining in on the journey, and cater to a wide range of large groups:

  • Large family parties to; from grandparents to babies.
  • Wedding parties.
  • Synagogue travel tours.
  • Holy Land tours for churches.
  • Corporate ‘start up nation’ technology and entrepreneurship Israel tours.
  • Academic interest groups.

We also work with adventure clubs and charities to design challenge adventure tours. We offer fantastic challenge cycle rides around the entire country and offer a wide range of on road and off road cycle itineraries which charities can offer to their members as part of a fund raising event.

Our cycle touring routes are led by specialist local guides and immerse participants in stunning landscapes while inviting them to dig a bit deeper into Israeli culture. These carefully selected routes takes us off the beaten track throughout the country, using tracks not accessible to the unguided cyclist, and include visits to some of the most stunning sites in the country.

Throughout your cycle challenge with Pomegranate Travel, we invite participants to gain an appreciation for lesser known aspects of the land and people of Israel. Locally based, we comb the country for the right team and best guides for every tour. Our bike teams include some of the most experienced large bike ride logisticians and mechanics in the country. We do not leave anything to chance. Every detail of our rides is thoroughly thought through and planned for in advance, ensuring any special client requirements are noted and attended to.

We offer a 100% commitment to making your ride a success, from the planning through to the execution stages. We are a highly professional and flexible organisation based on the ground and able to respond immediately to any change of plans or last minute requests throughout the ride.