It is hard to imagine anywhere more child friendly than Israel. At Pomegranate Travel we understand the “happy kids, happy everyone” formula, and are full of fantastic ideas for your family holiday. We promise that we will turn Israel into one of your best. Ever.

Family travel in Israel is made easy as many of Israel’s best hotels happily cater for children, serving kiddie food and offering kids clubs and babysitting.

As a country Israel is more family orientated than either the US or Europe, so whatever you’re looking for from a family holiday, our family tours to Israel are perfectly tailored to suit you.

Here are some family friendly ideas to consider when you visit Israel:

Tel Aviv

During your trip to Israel the beaches of Tel Aviv are a must! Tel Aviv has miles of golden sandy beaches which stretch all along the city’s length from the Namal Tel Aviv to the Namal Jaffa (Tel Aviv port to Jaffa port). The beaches are free to the public and you can rent chairs and umbrellas which is especially important in the summer heat. All beaches are manned by extremely well trained and attentive life guards. As well as building sun castles and splashing about it the waves, older kids might also like to try a game of ‘matkot’ which the locals are crazy about – it is like beach tennis – see this video:

For all its splendour, the beach is not all Tel Aviv has to offer. You might be surprised to learn that it is home to some of the most fabulous ice cream parlours ever (seriously, they compete with the Italians) where you will find yourself choosing between thirty or forty inventive flavours and colours.

Museums also present a fantastic child-friendly environment. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has a children’s exploration room and an audio guide worded appropriately to keep young minds enthralled. The Rabin Museum and Palmach Museum are excellent for slightly older children seeking to understand the history of Israel as it located in close proximity to Mahon Ayalon.

You should also consider a day tour of ancient Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv as part of your family holiday to experience the striking breadth of diversity that is on offer in Israel. Our expert guided tours can be tweaked to make them perfect for your children and their interests, whatever their age.

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Creative Educational Activities

One of our most loved family holiday ideas involves getting your hands dirty! In our experience the more interactive, the better, and kids (and dads!) of all ages love our archaeological dig –an activity located less than an hour outside of either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and involves literally taking part in a live archaeological dig – buckets, spades, sleeves rolled up, and see what you find!  The activity provides plenty of context for learning about the ancient world and can be twinned with caving.

Our family holiday packages can also include a visit to an ‘ancient village’ where your kids will make bread, olive oil and wine exactly how the ancients did using traditional methods. Another of our favourites which never fails to entertain is to interact with new cultures such as Bedoin and Druze through home hospitality experiences – and yes – the kids can ride a camel with the Bedoin!

The South

For those keen on adventure tourism we are well prepared to cater to your adrenal glands and their urges; desert jeep rides, rappelling down a 500m deep crater in the Negev desert (Makhtesh Ramon), hiking and cycling through new landscapes, diving into natural desert waterholes, and all whilst learning about desert creatures and environmentalism. Your family holiday will of course also involve smearing mud over the entire body before floating on the Dead Sea, and you might also want to add swimming with dolphins and snorkelling in Eilat to your itinerary. Both offer incredible experiences of Israel’s marine biodiversity.

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The North

The North of Israel is wonderful for children of all ages! In the summer the North offers an abundance of hiking opportunities at places like Banias Nature Reserve and Tel Dan, a biblical city described as “the northernmost city of the Kingdom of Israel”, and where the Tel Dan Stele, an inscribed stone broken into fragments, was discovered during a 1993-1994 excavation. It is now found in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Kayaking at Kfar Blum (ask us about our ‘skipping the line’ service) is a fun activity that the whole family will love and the splashing of the water is a panacea to the summer heat.

The North is also home to a wonderful interactive chocolate factory and workshop, plenty of kibbutz experiences (a communal settlement), exciting off-road jeep tours, and even a bio farm where organic insecticide bugs are grown that can be visited.

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