Dome of the Rock

Old City of Jerusalem

If you’re visiting Israel – whether for work or vacation – and have just one or two days to explore a bit deeper, then we’d love to help. Jerusalem is our most popular day tour destination, but we also offer day long tours just about anywhere in the country.You could consider a day tour of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, or in the Jerusalem Hills where you cover both history and nature, and a couple of wineries, breweries or goat cheese farms for good measure. Historical sites which are easily accessible as day tours from both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv include Tel Azeka (where David battled Goliath), and Beth Guvrin (recently recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site). Both of these sites offer wonderful opportunities for hiking, walking and delicious picnic lunches.If you’re interested in the modern history of Israel then the Latrun Tank Museum and Mahon Ayalon both offer excellent opportunities to make the most of your day and are easily accessible from both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.Yad La-Shiryon (officially The Armoured Corps Memorial Site and Museum) contains one of the largest collections of tanks anywhere in the world. It is a great trip for the whole family – you can climb and crawl all over the tanks, and even sit inside them. Those with an interest in biblical history and the more religious tour aspects will note the mighty Merkava tank - so named after the biblical chariots used by the ancient Israelites.Machon Ayalon (also referred to as the ‘Bullet Factory’) was an underground bullet factory built by the Palmach during the period of the British Mandate. The museum is an easy recommendation for any family holiday – as the interactive nature of the museum makes it an excellent choice for keeping the kids (and adults!) entertained and engaged – and the whole experience is literally a gripping one.We also cater to the thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush or wanting something a little more active but only have a day to experience it. For more information on our expertly tailored adventure tours please visit .