Mona Lisa in ZipporiIf you’re looking for a carefully-curated, culturally-centred holiday, then look no further. Israel is a proverbial treasure trove of cultural possibilities and we offer private guided tours, and group tours, that will make the most of your time in the country.

Israel has been shaped, and its history carved, by many different influences, people and religions. It is an extraordinary amalgamation of ideologies with an almost endless offering of delights to those looking for a healthy dose of culture on their holiday. Below we list the mere tip-of-the-iceberg as to what’s on show.

Ancient & Historical Sites Aplenty

  • Many of the events which shaped the world which we today inhabit took place here in Israel. For billions of monotheists throughout the world, Jerusalem is considered the centre of the world. Anyone interested in the history and development of the West – and of West meets East – owes themselves a fully engaging Israel tour. With our expert guides – many of whom have a master’s degree in relevant subjects – your private tour of Israel will dig deeply into its great history.
  • Whether on a cradle of civilisation tour or a Jewish heritage tour, you will ask questions relating to both the state of the world thousands of years ago, and the state of the world today.  One of our clients who recently came on a Pomegranate Israel tour put it best, “I can't remember the last time I went on holiday and learned so much - not just about ancient times but also today's world” (Karen R, London).

One of the reasons for Israel’s huge cultural wealth is that the country sits at the gateway of three continents and is blessed with fertile land. The result is that Israel has long been home to important trade routes leading to a mixing of peoples and ideas. In other words people have been conducting ‘tours in Israel’ for thousands of years! Some of the ideas which arose from this land were massively radical in their day, and are among the most influential in our day. For example, Abraham who pronounced against child sacrifice, and announced in favour of just one God; the prophet Isiah whose prophesy ‘and they shall turn their swords into ploughshares’ today stands as the UN’s motto; and Jesus, whose legacy is perhaps unrivalled by any other person who lived with the spread of monotheism throughout the world.

Here are some of our top cultural sites, all of which can be integrated into your luxury tour of Israel:

  • Unmissable UNESCO world heritage sites include the unparalleled Old City of Jerusalem; the ancient fort at Masada; biblical Tels including Megiddo; the Nabatean cities of the Negev, central to the ancient trade route for frankincense and myrrh; the Crusader city of Acre; and the White City of Tel Aviv, celebrated for its Bauhaus architecture.
  • Also among our favourite cultural sites are the impressive ruins at Beth She’an and stunning mosaics at Zippori.
Israel is also full of intrigue for those interested in religious heritage and sociology. While we offer Jewish Heritage and Christian Heritage tours to those who identify, we often arrange tours focusing on the cradle of monotheism, comparative religion and the sociology of religion for those interested in religions from a civilisation perspective.Culture lovers – make no mistake! Israel is not just about ancient ruins. Culture in Israel is well and alive. In Tel Aviv, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Design Museum of Holon, Batsheva Dance Company and Israel Philharmonic are all serious draws for those interested in the arts.  The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which the New York Times states “can easily stand amid the world’s major national museums” could keep one happily busy for days. Its collections include a female figurine now considered the oldest artwork in the world, the Dead Sea Scrolls, a mighty archaeology wing, and impressive classical and contemporary art pieces.