Jerusalem PictureIf you’re here for a family holiday, adventure vacation or to just blissfully lie on the beach for a few days, then consider adding a day tour of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv in for a sprinkle of culture and history.Our Jerusalem Tours can focus on the Old City, or a combination of particular places of interest from both the New and Old cities. In the Old City the tour can be tailored to your interests – whether that is Jewish heritage, Holy Land pilgrimage, or a more general cradle-of-civilisation tour.The Old City is home to some of the holiest sites in the world, including the Western Wall (Kotel), the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock.  The New City offers something for everyone, with Yad Vashem (holocaust museum), the Israel Museum - which is home to the Dead Sea scrolls and also boasts the impressive second temple era model of Jerusalem – and the wonderful vibrant Mahane Yehuda market for those with insatiable culinary cravings.Tel Aviv is often overlooked in favour of Jerusalem, quietly sitting in the metaphorical shadows, beckoning to travellers to hear the stories it has to divulge. The short history of Tel Aviv is radical, fascinating and definitely worth exploration – learn how this incredibly modern city was created out of the sand dunes by just a few stubborn families who were determined to build a new home outside of ancient Jaffa. The tour will introduce you to the older neighbourhoods of the city, to the city’s Bauhaus architecture – for which it is a UNESCO world heritage site –and to its deliciously tempting food markets and multi-cultural cuisines.Other guided tours of a city which is well worth consideration during your visit to Israel include the city of Haifa, with its beautiful Bahai Gardens (also a UNESCO world heritage site) and successful model of Jewish-Arab co-existence, and a day tour to Nazareth. Nazareth is home to the Church of the Annunciation which houses the spot where, according to Christian tradition, Mary lived and is therefore of significant importance to those on Holy Land Pilgrimage tours.