Tel Aviv Museum of ArtThe best Israel tours will always incorporate parts of the rich artistic heritage, but for those with a real passion for the subject we can further tailor your Israel tour to focus on Israeli art and architecture both past and present. This is a real passion for us at Pomegranate Travel and by the end of your tour we are certain that you will understand why.Starting with the past, Israel has a remarkable collection of beautiful ancient mosaics. Perhaps the most famous site to view these is Zippori, near Nazareth, with a huge variety of detailed scenes and patterns. As well as admiring the skilled artistry, your private tour guide will help you understand the relevance and symbolism behind these designs and their location.And ancient architecture is equally impressive. The earliest arches in the world are believed to be in Israel, at Dan and Ashkelon, dating back nearly 4000 years. The large number of Roman ruins teach us a lot about how they managed public and private spaces, and built remarkable water systems. Defence has always been important, but perhaps no one designed fortresses better than the Crusaders – the ruins at Belvoir or Arsuf provide fascinating insights into ancient construction.

Christian heritage

If you are interested in Christian heritage, the holy architecture of the famed Antonio Barluzzi is not to be missed. Barluzzi moved to the Holy Land in the 1920s from Italy, where he became the lead architect for the Catholic church. He always tried to incorporate the story connected to the church into its architecture, and his buildings are spectacular. Of particular note are the Garden of Gethsemane and Dominus Flevit in Jerusalem, the Transfiguration Church on Mount Tabor and the Church of the Beatitudes by the Sea of Galilee.

Hip Tel Aviv

In terms of modern architecture, Tel Aviv is famed for its international modern style (traditionally called Bauhaus after the design school which influenced it), which led to the city being named a UNESCO world heritage site. Your tour guide will be able to point out different features of the style and help you understand how it evolved over time. But perhaps some of the most beautiful architecture in Tel Aviv is the eclectic style of the 1920s. Known as the ‘houses of dreams’, these date to a time when anything was deemed possible and the structures fuse styles from all over the world in a remarkable fashion.Tel Aviv is globally recognised as the centre of culture in Israel. For a wonderfully curated overview of Israeli art, a visit to the Tel Aviv art museum (considered on a par with the best in the world) is a must. For a more edgy look at the scene, we arrange guided tours of graffiti districts and the hottest contemporary urban galleries. And for design aficionados, we love to tour the Holon Design museum, whose remarkable building was designed by the world-renowned Ron Arad.

Trip to Jerusalem

And of course, we cannot forget Jerusalem. The Israel Museum has a fantastic wing dedicated to Israeli art, much of it with powerful political imagery. The symbolic architecture of Moshe Safdie permeates the city, from the remarkable museum at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial, to the outdoor Mamilla mall. And the first academy of Hebrew art, Betzalel, maintains its home in the city and still hones the skills of the next generation of Israeli artists and designers.As with all our Israel tours, we encourage you to meet the locals, and will happily facilitate meetings and workshops with local artists. There is no better souvenir than something you have made yourself!

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