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Royal Beach Eilat

Eilat boasts year round sunshine, and glitzy beach hotels set against the stunning, red mountain backdrop.

Akhi Eilat St 1, Eilat, 88000, Israel ·  View map

A paradise for water-sports lovers, don’t miss snorkeling and scuba diving at Eilat’s world renowned reefs and wrecks, swimming with dolphins, kite surfing, jet skiing, and wind surfing.

There are plenty of hiking opportunities around Eilat including in the vast Timna national park, the location of the world’s oldest copper mines.
Lastly, each Spring Eilat is the setting for the migration of 500 million birds from Africa to Europe, a must see for birders and nature lovers.

Had a marvellous family gathering at the Royal Beach in Eilat and enjoyed every minute of it.

Pam B, London

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