• Four Seasons First Residence Exterior

Four Seasons First Residence

Comfort and Elegance

The Four Seasons First Residence was indeed the Four Seasons’ original property in the Middle East.  The property is extremely comfortable and elegant, its design is French colonial inspired harking back to Napoleonic times and feels rather luxurious.  One of the key advantages of this property is its location, pretty much equidistant between the Pyramids and the city.  Given how large Cairo is, and how far the Pyramids of Giza are from the main city attractions, many clients find themselves staying in two separate hotels in the Cairo/ Giza areas during their Egypt explorations.  Staying at the First Residence means each touring day will involve time in the car, but with a bit of luck no day will involve excessive transfer times.  The hotel offers a gym and pool, though public areas for simply chilling are a little lacking, so this is best thought of as a great base for touring.  Dining is inventively offered on the First Nile boat which is docked just across from the hotel, and offers Asian, Brazilian, Italian and Greek cuisine options.

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