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The Middle East is blessed with its fair share of controversies but also the most amazing social projects which will leave you feeling inspired by the people you meet and what they are achieving every day, little by little, to change their towns, their country, the region and the world.


Visiting social projects is of course also a great way to get to know locals. Many of our Jewish and Christian heritage guests especially choose to visit projects which embody the spirit of their tour. In addition to peace and tolerance projects between Jews and Palestinians, Pomegranate Travel is proud to support projects such as Yemin Orde Youth Village which creates a complete home ecosystem, including educational support, for at-risk and immigrant children in Israel, and Susan’s House which helps put Jerusalem’s street children back on track through a disciplined approach to the arts.

Collaboration with social projects is also a fantastic way to involve children and we can arrange activities that both support projects and engage your children (and adults). For example at Shalva, a charity dedicated to providing transformative care for individuals with disabilities, we can organize creative workshops joint with Shalva children along with a tour of their amazing campus and a meal in their café where inclusive staff work as managers, waiters, and hosts.


Please ask us about visits with the Jordan River Foundation to learn about the excellent work they do.  The foundation was founded by Queen Nour Al Hussein and is now chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.   The primary focus of the foundation is on child safety and community empowerment including poverty eradication through enabling women and children.  For example, the foundation has trained thousands of women and refugees in handicraft skills such as embroidery and weaving, and culinary arts, allowing them to support themselves.  The foundation is also behind a wonderful Jordan design centre and a social enterprise restaurant, both of which you can visit and perhaps find some wonderful items to take home/ eat at, knowing that anything you buy is supporting a good cause.


If you would like to more deeply explore some of the important socially focused work which is being done in Egypt we would be happy to arrange your visit to one or more NGOs, perhaps  including an orphanage in the Cairo or Luxor areas.  Here you will have the opportunity to meet the people whose dedication to the cause keeps these institutions running; understand the types of work which are most urgently needed, and importantly the sort of social issues which give rise to such needs; the interplay between organic social assistance and government aid in Egypt; and what hope there is for addressing the roots of such social problems in the future.  If you would like to take with basic items such as children’s clothes, toys and games, this is always very much appreciated.

Thank you wonderful team for creating an outstanding, memorable, and riveting trip to Israel. In every dimension, it could not have been better.

Berta M, New York

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