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Erg Chebbi, a breathtakingly beautiful sea of towering sand dunes near Merzouga, is an unforgettable destination for adventure seekers looking to experience the thrill of sandboarding amid one of Morocco's most stunning desert landscapes.

With its majestic towering dunes, some reaching over 150 meters in height, Erg Chebbi is one of the best places in Morocco for sandboarding. Modelled by wind-blown sand from the surrounding rocky desert, known locally as a hamada, an erg is a dune field or a sea of sand that rises to dramatic heights. Located near the city of Merzouga, a thrilling sandboarding experience awaits at Erg Chebbi, where you’ll be immersed in this spectacular desert setting and exposed to one of the world’s most unusual adrenaline sports. Setting off in the morning, you’ll hike to the top of a dune with your sandboard, accompanied by an expert private guide. Marvel at the breathtaking golden dunes around you before taking off on an exhilarating descent.

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