• Restaurant concierge & exclusive private meals

Israel concierge & exclusive private meals

If you’re looking to wow and surprise your loved ones out here in Israel, we highly recommend a private wilderness meal, or special restaurant reservation.

Imagine riding in a jeep through the barren desert with sand and dust all around, and nothing but Badlands stretching for miles and miles. Then suddenly ahead on the horizon is a perfectly laid table under the shade of an Acacia tree. The tablecloth has been starched, the cutlery polished and the dishes prepared just for you and your loved ones. Or perhaps you’d prefer an exhilarating speedboat tour out in the Mediterranean, returning to shore to find a surprise barbeque and spread of fresh salads and juices, again prepared especially for your special ones. Exclusive meals in special settings are our passion – we love to curate and create special experiences, so let us know what you have in mind!

Restaurant Reservations:

On vacation, every meal should be special. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in particular boast some world class restaurants.   We are happy to provide all our clients with a complimentary concierge service for restaurant recommendations and bookings.   In order to maintain our expertise and to keep our finger on the pulse, we work hard to test each and every popular new restaurant, and of course to make return visits to our old favourites!

The restaurants you reserved for us were phenomenal; we loved them!

Larry H, New York

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