• Locals & geopolitics

Locals & geopolitics

If your interests lie in the geopolitical situation, we can arrange trips to the West Bank to meet with Palestinians and Jewish settlers and understand better each of their narratives and the tensions between them.

We also offer tours around the Gaza envelope where you will learn about how these communities live and deal with their geopolitical realities. In addition, there are also a vast number of local peace initiatives and we can set up meetings with these activists to learn about an optimistic vision of Israel’s future.

Many visitors to Israel are interested in the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) and the large role it plays in Israeli society – there is universal conscription for men aged 18-21 and women aged 18-20. In addition, to defending the country, the IDF plays a key role in tertiary and technical training of the population. This is where many youngsters develop the skills needed for later careers whether its as a cook, hairdresser, engineer or high tech entrepreneur. If you’d like to meet with young soldiers or even visit an army base, please let us know and we would be more than happy to get you involved with this aspect of society.

Geopolitics in Israel and the wider region is pretty complex, and sometimes an expert opinion is called for. Our experts include a wide array of journalists, ex-army personnel, and academics, as well as those personally involved in the highest level regional negotiations. For those seeking a more in-depth engagement with the region, nothing beats a day out with the right experts in the Golan Heights, on the Gaza border, or around the Temple Mount.

We had an amazing time!

The trip left both Franco and me with so much to think about and learn. One can be aware of the complexity of the region through study, but not fully appreciate it until experiencing it first hand. We met and talked with so many people from so many different backgrounds which truly added to the experience. But there is still so much to see and learn.

Leslie G, New York

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