• Symbols of judaism and islam.

Discover a unique NGO connecting faiths and preserving Jewish-Moroccan culture.

We can arrange meetings with a fascinating local NGO founded and run by young Moroccan Muslims, many of whom have benefited from exchange programs to Israel, the organization is dedicated to interfaith relations and preserving Jewish-Moroccan heritage. Inspired by the personal history of the founder, their activities have since expanded to a national level to educate Moroccan youth about Jewish heritage, aiming to preserve and protect the plurality of Moroccan identity. Today’s discussion covers the crucial theme of a shift in Moroccan attitudes to Jews over the generations, former generations’ views being based on personal knowledge of and relationships with Jewish neighbours and friends, while many in today’s generation have never met a Jew.  We learn more about the organisation’s activities, from educational days at schools all over Morocco to restoration projects. Learn also about their ongoing projects and how they’ve continued to function in the aftermath of 7th October in Israel.

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