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Jeeps are our best friend for getting us to places where the pack can’t go. Whether in the Golan region in the North of Israel, or the desert areas of the Negev in Israel, Wadi Rum in Jordan or the Sahara in Egypt, our jeeps provide you with the opportunity to get truly off-road and see landscapes which would otherwise be totally inaccessible.


In the Golan, our jeep rides focus on the geo-politics of the North of Israel, and take you off- road along the Syrian border, viewing hidden Israeli army bunkers and positions, and meeting UN and Israeli army personnel. This expert led tour also includes a full briefing on the geo-political history and current day reality of this area of the Levant. This is an eye opening geo-political tour which will leave you with much to think and talk about for some time.

In the desert, jeeps are an essential mode of transport for exploring the landscape and immersing yourself in the beauty of the wilderness. See here to view our desert experiences.


The most iconic way to explore Jordan’s most iconic desert is of course to ride the back of a Bedouin jeep at Wadi Rum.  It is hard to think of many other experiences which grant such a feeling of freedom as holding on tight to your open jeep as your hair sails behind you and the wind charges your face, and the landscape simply rolls and rolls in every direction.


Egypt is home to several deserts, including the breathtaking White and Black deserts, the idyllic Siwa oasis, the Sahara and Sinai which is accessible from Sharm el Sheik.  If you’re looking for a more adventurous take on Egypt then a sturdy jeep will be indispensable to make it far from the crowds into the almost spiritual quiet of Egypt’s great deserts.

The best day for me was the Golan Heights – the jeep tour was so interesting.

Shona C, London  

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