• Ice Cream & Chocolate

Israel, and Tel Aviv in particular, is a world contender in the sphere of ice-cream parlours. You’ve got to see these places to believe it.

If you feel mesmerised before forty different ice-cream flavours (and that’s before you start considering toppings and all the rest of it), don’t expect your kids to make a snappy decision as to which dairy delight to consume (unless of course they’re considering one of the many sorbets). Our personal best tip is to try the frozen yogurt which they add topping to until there’s no room for anything else!

On this sweet note, it’s only right for us to also mention the three chocolate factories and workshops which are scattered through the country. Kids go crazy for these places. Thankfully we can report that the introductory half hour explaining all about how cocoa is grown and how chocolate is made, definitely qualities this activity as ‘educational’. Following the ‘educational’ content, there is a ‘creative’ workshop in which each little artist receives her own chocolate moulds and palette of browns and white, out of which they produce their chocolatey wonder.

This activity is a great way to break up the day for kids, though we do generally recommend it taking place after lunch!

The kids had an amazing trip. They cannot stop going on about it.

Mark A, London

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