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Embark on a delectable journey through Morocco's rich culinary heritage with a cooking workshop in a picturesque courtyard kitchen, professional kitchen, or farm to table setting, where you'll master traditional techniques, explore local ingredients, and create a tantalizing menu of Moroccan dishes that harmoniously blend history and modern creativity.

Morocco has an elaborate culinary tradition, bursting with rich flavours, vibrant colours, locally sourced ingredients and unique wines and Pomegranate offers a variety of excellent market and cooking workshops in both cities such as Marrakesh and Fez, and out in the countryside where farm to table workshops are available.  Irrespective of the location, we showcase some of the country’s most unique and memorable flavors. Always a case of Moroccan fusion, where Berber, Arab and European influences collide, resulting in an explosion of tastes and aromas, our inviting culinary experiences take you to the heart of Moroccan cooking in a range of professional kitchens. Explore the roots of Moroccan flavors, applying these concepts to modern-day cooking techniques to create classic Moroccan recipes. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, you’ll create a mouthwatering menu of Moroccan dishes which of course you will enjoy after preparing!

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