• arto egyptologist

There is nothing like meeting with an expert academic Egyptologist to help frame the basic concepts which run through any Egypt tour.

Our expert Egyptologists are well published in their specialist fields and often appear on television and media channels, meaning they are excellent communicators.
An introductory briefing will help put Egypt’s tombs, temples and monuments into wider context, and provide valuable information about the world from which they emerged. For example, we will ask fundamental questions as to what was unique about ancient Egyptian civilisation which still makes it compelling to study today; what was the notion of Kingship in ancient Egyptian civilization, including the role of the King and the expectations upon him (or her) in terms of religious and cosmic obligations, and his (or her) social, political and economic contract with the people; what was the ancient Egyptian idea of the afterlife, who got there and how, and how did it impact the living?

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