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Explore beautifully restored dhows, immerse yourself in the art of dhow-making, and uncover the captivating stories of Sur's maritime past through an array of artifacts and exhibits.

Located in the coastal city of Sur, Oman, the Maritime Museum is a testament to the region’s rich maritime history and the craftsmanship of traditional Arabian boat-building. Renowned for its expertise in constructing wooden dhows, Sur has been a significant maritime hub in Arabia for centuries.
As you explore the various sections of the museum, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the art of dhow-making and the maritime heritage of Oman. A stroll through the open-air museum will reveal beautifully restored dhows, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate the skill and precision that goes into crafting these iconic vessels.
In addition to the impressive collection of dhows, the museum also showcases an array of artifacts, including photographs of sailors, shipbuilders, ports, and the city of Sur itself. A visit to the Sur Maritime Museum is a must for anyone interested in the maritime history of Oman and the Arabian Peninsula.

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