• Desert Nights

If you want to try something a little different and off the beaten track, try our desert nights tour.

Many desert animals and insects are nocturnal and on this special tour we set out with an expert desert guide and a trusted UV light to discover desert night life … while the stars burn bright in the clear skies above, when we reach our special night spot the ground will glow luminously as our UV lights pick up scorpions, scurrying back and forth on the desert floor.

With the help of our special lights we may also see desert wolves, hyenas and foxes. Following your ‘scorpion safari’ you will use a telescope and binoculars to look up at the starry skies for a guided tour of the heavens high above. You will also see some of the intriguing stone etchings left on the rocks aeons ago by ancient peoples who once roamed the area.

Of course the perfect way to truly experience the desert night is to sleep beneath the stars in one of our adventure or luxury desert camps.

This was the best trip I’ve ever taken! I loved every minute of it and wanted to come back for more, even before I left! I DO plan on coming back and hopefully within the next two years.

Barbara S, New Jersey

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