• Caligraphy 3 - Hannah

Experience the enchantment of Marrakesh's artistic heritage at a captivating calligraphy workshop designed for all ages, where you'll master the unique art of Moroccan calligraphy under the tutelage of a distinguished calligrapher to King Mohammed VI.

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of handwriting at this delightful Marrakesh calligraphy workshop, suitable for both adults and children. In Arabic, calligraphy is “chat Arabi,” which means the “Arabic line,” and it is concerned with respecting the exact shape and proportion of each letter. Morocco has its own distinct form, unique from other types found throughout the Arab world, and through calligraphy, we gain a greater understanding of its cultural and artistic heritage. Your teacher today is the best of the best – none other than a calligrapher to King Mohammed VI of Morocco and a passionate supporter of Moroccan arts. This memorable workshop introduces you to the wonderful world of Moroccan calligraphy, using traditional bamboo and ink to write Arabic letters and words.

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