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Experience the vibrant essence of Marrakech through a private artisanal journey that begins with creating a traditional tangia dish and continues with an in-depth exploration of the city's bustling markets, offering unique encounters with local craftsmen and the opportunity to immerse yourself in Morocco's rich artistic heritage.

Dive into Marrakech’s artisanal heritage with a private tour dedicated to the city’s craftsmanship. But first, your adventure begins at the heart of Moroccan life – the kitchen – where you’ll prepare a slow-cooked dish cherished by locals called tangia. This special recipe, steeped in legend and tradition, is unique to Marrakech and encapsulates its culinary spirit. Leaving your dish to cook slowly in its clay pot, set off to explore the city’s vibrant marketplaces, known locally as souks. In a zero-pressure environment, accompanied by an expert guide, delve into the wonderful world of Moroccan crafts.  Each experience is unique, but for example you might meet artisans of traditional tilework, brass etching, leatherwork and zaouak wood painting. This is a fully immersive tour where you’ll get to participate and create as you observe local craftsmen and gain insight into the city’s enduring cultural legacy. Finally, return to the kitchen and sample your dish fresh from the oven!

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