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If you are interested in how the Arts can help those in need, then we would be delighted to share some of our favourite art focused projects with you.

For example, the wonderful Susan’s House in Jerusalem rescues street children and offers them paid employment-cum-art therapy. Susan’s House produces beautiful painted glasswork, ceramics and jewellery on small ‘production lines’. Producing this artwork requires accurate time keeping, focus, dedication to the task at hand, team work and real skill. In order to be part of the production team, children must commit to the process, thereby introducing discipline into their lives whilst they learn valuable skills and earn a small income. The artists and social workers who staff Susan’s House are inspiring and caring individuals, and the whole place very much feels like an oasis of safety for children who are very much in need.

A visit to Susan’s House is not only an excellent chance to learn about and support the project, but is a fun interactive experience for budding artists and artisans of all ages! Here you will have the chance to participate in one or more of four stations including glass work (decorative plates), glass bead creation, ceramics and jewelry. You will make and paint a product which you will then be able to take home with you as a memento of Susan’s House and Jerusalem.

For a different sort of edgy look at the art scene, we arrange guided tours of Tel Aviv’s graffiti districts. Tel Aviv is sure presence in the international world of street art. Its art is particularly interesting because of the diversity and conflicts within Israeli society, and because of the higher levels of engagement which individuals tend to have with politics and social movements. Several of Tel Aviv’s street artists exhibit internationally in museums and galleries, but they are at home in the South Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Florentin. Here is where their masterful creations are writ large for all to see on the walls of the streets. On our street art tours we discuss the significance of street art, and how it differs from other types of art. We get to know the major activists in the Israeli street art scene, and we engage with the social, political and personal issues which are the subjects of the art around us.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for having organised such a tremendously fun and interesting trip for us. We have loved every minute of it, and will surely become second-timers before you know it.

Marta D, London

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