• Art historian led museum and gallery tours

Art historian led museum and gallery tours

Tel Aviv is generally regarded as the centre of culture in Israel, though Jerusalem also has its fair share to offer in this regard.

For a wonderfully curated overview of Israeli art, a visit to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (considered on a par with the best in the world) is a must. The new building is an architectural site to behold, designed by Preston Scott Cohen. The museum offers contemporary exhibitions, but we especially love it for its permanent three room collection of Israeli art which together narrate the development of Israeli art. With the help one of our expert Art Historian guides you will understand how Israeli art has reflected Israeli society in trending from the collective and ideological towards the individualistic and anti-establishment. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is also highly recommended for an expert guided museum visit – the Museum has a fantastic wing dedicated to Israeli art, much of it with powerful political imagery. In Jerusalem we can also arrange visits to Betzalel, the academy of Hebrew arts which maintains its home in the city and still hones the skills of the next generation of Israeli artists and designers.

For those who consider themselves true art aficionados or collectors, Tel Aviv also offers an engaged and active gallery scene, which our expert Art guides will be excited to share with you. The galleries are spread over three main areas encompassing the more established galleries of North Tel Aviv, more contemporary galleries around Rothschild Boulevard, and the industrial spaces of South Tel Aviv. Between them, the offering comprises both galleries and pieces which are present in the international art scene, to readily affordable art.

For something a little different, we are happy to include Ein Hod in your Israel tour. Ein Hod is one of the few artists’ villages in the world. In the 1950’s a group of artists led by Marcel Janco decided to build a village that would provide a creative space for art and art education. Through the years it has been transformed into a striking little village full of art studios, galleries, a museum and unique coffee shops. An interesting mix of history, culture, communal life and artistic wonder, Ein Hod is a hidden gem nestled in the foothills of the Carmel mountains.

Bob proclaimed this our best trip ever, and I completely agree!!

Some of the highlights (for me) …

The art tour w/Sarah, who is completely in touch with the contemporary art scene in Israel …

We will definitely return, and will contact you for Part 2!!

Judy N, New York

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