• Sumhuram Archaeological Site2

Discover the ancient port city of Khor Rori at the Sumhuram Archaeological site, a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site in Oman, where you can explore the ruins of an important trading hub on the famous frankincense route and uncover the rich history of this once-bustling settlement.

Your exploration of Dhofar’s captivating history continues as you visit the charming fishing village of Taqa. Discover its rich past – visit the well-preserved castle, watchtowers, and traditional stone houses that stand as a testament to the town’s strategic importance in ancient Arabia’s frankincense trade. Continue on to Khor Rori creek, the site of the ruined city of Samhuram, which once served as the capital of this bustling trade network. Archaeological excavations have uncovered evidence of the city’s extensive trade links with distant lands, including Greece and the Far East, shedding light on the region’s vital role in shaping the ancient world.
In Mirbat, the ancient capital of Dhofar, you’ll see old houses adorned with intricate wood carvings, an art form that has withstood the test of time. Perhaps you will witness the arrival of boats laden with the day’s catch, a testament to the town’s enduring connection with the sea. Before returning to Salalah, pay a visit to Bin Ali’s Tomb, an architectural masterpiece from the 12th century that showcases the finest elements of medieval design. Finally, unwind at Ayn Razat’s manicured gardens, where natural underground springs nourish the lush vegetation and create a serene oasis.

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