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Starting with the past, Israel has a remarkable collection of beautiful ancient mosaics.

Among the most famous sites to view these are the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Zippori near Nazareth, and the early church mosaics around the Sea of Galilee.  The Dome of the Rock offers stunning Islamic art and architecture, and the mosaics at Zippori are  like an ancient story book with their huge variety of detailed scenes and patterns. Around the Sea of Galilee we read the messages and symbols of the earliest Christians.  At every location, as well as admiring the skilled artistry, your private tour guide will help you understand the relevance and symbolism behind these designs and their location.

Ancient architecture is equally impressive. The earliest arches in the world are believed to be in Israel, at Dan and Ashkelon, dating back nearly 4000 years. The large number of Roman ruins teach us a lot about how they managed public and private spaces, and built remarkable water systems. Defence has always been important, but perhaps no one designed fortresses better than the Crusaders – the ruins at Belvoir or Arsuf provide fascinating insights into ancient construction.

I have to say that I’m very happy that we had been referred to your company for our tours. Our guide was absolutely amazing. Each day filled with new adventures and information; bringing thousands of years of history to life. I want to thank you for making this trip wonderful!

Carisa B, New York

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