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It is hard to imagine anywhere more child friendly than Israel. At Pomegranate Travel we understand the “happy kids, happy everyone” formula, and are full of fantastic ideas for your family holiday.

We promise that we will turn Israel into one of your best family vacations. Ever.

Family travel in Israel is made easy as many of Israel’s best hotels happily cater for children, offering child friendly menus, kids games rooms and clubs, and babysitting.

Israeli culture is extremely child focused, and Israelis love kids. Expect them to wink at and chat to your kids, and don’t be surprised if they offer free and unsolicited parenting advice! In Israel, it is common to see even very young children staying up late, eating in restaurants and hanging out with the rest of the family, and generally being a bit noisy. So relax! You can let your kids run wild and no one will bat an eyelid!

Here are some family friendly ideas to consider when you visit Israel:

Beach & Water Fun

Although the summers in Israel are pretty hot, there are great water activities from the very North to the very South of the country. In the North there are wonderful water hikes, and the refreshing fresh water lake of the ‘Sea’ of Galilee. In the centre of Israel the beaches of Tel Aviv are a must! Tel Aviv has miles of golden sandy beaches which stretch all along the city’s length from the Namal Tel Aviv to the Namal Jaffa (Tel Aviv port to Jaffa port). All beaches are manned by extremely well trained and attentive life guards. As well as building sun castles and splashing about it the waves, older kids might also like to try a game of ‘matkot’ which the locals are crazy about – it is like beach tennis or ping pong and can keep kids occupied for hours! Further South, your family holiday will of course also involve smearing mud over the entire body before floating on the Dead Sea – floating on water is a joyful surprise for all of us, but for kids all the more so. And further South still, the Red Sea of Eilat and its sandy beaches are great fun for little kids with sand buckets and big kids who want to beach longue, snorkel or scuba dive.

For those with slightly older kids who are looking for some active aquatic fun, in addition to coral reef diving in Eilat, ask us about the incredible experience of diving amongst antiquities at Caesarea; kayaking in the Jordan River; and surfing and stand up paddle boarding in Tel Aviv.

Older, Active kids

If you have slightly older kids who need to be kept busy – quite literally – we offer a plethora of active options including biking, hiking and rappelling throughout the country. Biking and hiking can mean anything from an hour’s leg stretching activity in a nature reserve, to a multi-day adventure which will challenge you both physically and mentally. Either way, we promise that your hike or bike will be set within breath-taking scenery, and will include smatterings of historical, cultural and gastronomic highlights.

Further activities for active kids include ‘playing soldier’ and learning about counter-terrorist techniques, and desert camping which involves 24 hours of desert jeeping, hiking and rappelling including a night under the stars and memory family time around the campfire.

We are beyond thankful for our perfect experience in Israel! Your service was a perfect fit for our family and every single detail was seamless.

Sharon B, New York

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