Nature and Bird Watching

Israel is an absolute gem for bird lovers. As it sits at the bridge between Europe, African and Asia – in effect an intercontinental junction - it is a bottleneck for migration routes.
Nature and Bird Watching

You may think of the desert as barren, but in reality there are a whole world of desert animals, insects, birds and plants to discover. Explored at the right times, with the right guides, the desert can be a nature lovers’ paradise.

  • Bird watching

    An extraordinary 500 million birds pass through Israel every spring and autumn, with 530 different species recorded.

  • Desert Flora & Fauna

    One of our favourite desert tours involves a visit to the lesser known side of the Ramon Crater and the Negev Mountain Range where the Asiatic wild ass or Onager can be found.

    Photo credit: © Alon Yasovsky

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