Meet the locals

At Pomegranate Travel we believe that a meaningful element of any tour is an opportunity to meet and interact with the locals.
Meet the locals

If you want to feel you know a place, of course you have to get to know some of the locals!  Israel has a remarkably diverse population and a tour in Israel offers exposure to a wide range of cultures in a wide range of homes, be they Jewish, Christian or Muslim Arab, Druze or Bedouin.  Likewise, we love to arrange home hospitality experiences with the Bedouin of Jordan, and the Nubians of Egypt.  In the party cities of Tel Aviv and Cairo, we give you a chance to experience the real nightlife of the cities hanging out with locals, and in Marrakesh we munch our way through the evenings with local street food.

  • Amman Street Food

    Middle Eastern food is a major highlight of travelling the region, and our Amman based street food tours are not to be missed in order to get off the beaten track and switch on your taste buds.

  • Artisan & Cooking Experience

    Experience the vibrant essence of Marrakech through a private artisanal journey that begins with creating a traditional tangia dish and continues with an in-depth exploration of the city's bustling markets, offering unique encounters with local craftsmen and the opportunity to immerse yourself in Morocco's rich artistic heritage.

  • Bedouin Hospitality, Wadi Rum

    Bedouin camps are evident in Wadi Rum, which is still home to a number of Bedouin families, and you will have the opportunity to learn about this way of life, so different from ours.

  • Cairo by Night

    Experience a different side of Cairo, experiencing the city by evening and night. 

  • Cairo Street Food

    One of the best way to enjoy being in Egypt is to ‘Eat like an Egyptian!’, and today we are hooking you up with a local expert in Egyptian cuisine and the Egyptian street

  • Curated Cairo: Female Entrepreneurs in Art & Design

    This half day tours ticks half a dozen boxes! You will meet inspiring women who have built successful businesses in the art and design space, and which are deeply involved with authentic Egyptian culture and expression. You will get to see some of the finest curated items in Cairo's stunning art and design world, and you avoid all need to buy plastic Chinese made souvenirs from tourist markets, instead returning home with artefacts to be treasured for all time.

  • Garbage City Cairo

    Manshiyat Nasser, also known as Garbage City, is a Cairo slum whose population is predominantly Coptic Christian.

  • High Atlas Explorer

    Escape to the serene Atlas Mountains and discover the charming village of Imlil, a hidden gem just 90 km from Marrakech, where you'll experience authentic Berber culture, embark on light hiking amid breathtaking scenery, and enjoy traditional cuisine while supporting local communities.

  • Israel: Local geopolitics

    We can arrange tours to Israeli border towns where people have been especially impacted by geopolitical considerations, and also to the West Bank to meet with Palestinians and hear their narratives.

  • Israeli tech Start-ups

    Many visitors to Israel are also interested in Israel’s remarkable start-up story – today Israel has more start-ups and VC dollars per head than any other place on the planet. Israel is also home to more scientists and technicians as a percentage of the population than anywhere else, and has one of the most technologically literature populations in the world.

  • Meeting ethnic Israel

    From an ethnic perspective, you are bound to be surprised by the diversity of people you meet in Israel. We love getting to know a wide range of people through home visits - whether you'd like to share a delicious Druze meal in the North of Israel, understand the complexities of the Christian Arab identity, visit a generations old Muslim Arab village, or share a family Shabbat meal in a traditional Jewish setting, we are delighted to introduce you to our local friends.

  • Nubian Experience, Aswan

    Aswan is perhaps the most beautiful city in Egypt, and it just so happens that one of most loved experiences - meeting with the Nubian community - takes place in our most loved Egyptian city.

  • Oman Villages visit

    Uncover the Hidden Gems of Oman's Enchanting Villages: A Journey Through History and Natural Beauty

  • Perfume Factory

    Witness the artistry of Amouage, a luxury perfume house in Muscat, where skilled craftsmen create exquisite fragrances using rare ingredients like frankincense and myrrh, making it a must-visit destination for fragrance enthusiasts seeking a unique and luxurious experience.

  • Sidab Traditional Crafts

    Unveiling the hidden gem of Sidab, a quaint fishing village near Muscat, where you'll witness the resilience and craftsmanship of local women, explore untouched coastal beauty, and experience authentic Omani culture.

  • Social projects & NGOs

    Israel is blessed with its fair share of controversies but also the most amazing social projects & NGOs which will leave you feeling inspired by the people you meet and what they are achieving every day, little by little, to change their towns, their country, the region and the world.

  • Social projects & NGOs, Egypt

    We are delighted to partner, and connect clients, with wonderful NGOs across the Middle East, including in Egypt.

  • Social Projects & NGOs, Jordan

    We are delighted to partner, and connect clients, with wonderful NGOs across the Middle East, including in Jordan.

  • Souq Sensations

    Oman is full of bustling souqs where you can experience the time-honoured way of shopping including playful bartering over authentic souvenirs. Muscat and Nizwa are our top recommendations for the souk experience.

  • Street Food Evening Experience

    Uncover the hidden treasures of Marrakech's vibrant street food scene on a private evening tour led by passionate local experts, taking you on an unforgettable journey through winding alleyways to savor mouthwatering flavors and experience the true essence of Moroccan cuisine.

  • Tea & Dates with a Bedouin Family in Wahiba Sands

    An authentic taste of Bedouin culture and the breathtaking allure of Oman's desert paradise

  • Tel Aviv by Night

    Maybe you would like to explore the legendary nightlife of Tel Aviv with a local insider?

  • Tel Aviv: Fashion tours

    Tel Aviv has become the fashion capital of the Middle East, and is now seen as a major global fashion destination.

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