Jewish Heritage

Israel, the Promised Land, Zion. This is the land that features so prominently in Jewish literature, ideology and heritage and Israel is the ultimate destination for a Jewish heritage tour. Neighbouring Egypt also offers a surprising treasure trove of Jewish heritage including the second oldest Jewish cemetery in the world, and a sizeable number of beautiful synagogues which demonstrate the richness and diversity of Jewish Egypt, now a lost world.
Jewish Heritage

From daily prayers for the rebuilding of Jerusalem, to the annual hope of the Passover Seder, “next year in Jerusalem”, to the smashing of a glass at every Jewish wedding to commemorate Jerusalem’s destruction, it is impossible to disentangle the Jewish story from Israel. The history of the Jewish people is indeed an extraordinary narrative, and Israel is the place where that story is told. It is the place where the story started, and where, in vibrant colours, the story continues to unfold today.

A Jewish heritage tour to Israel is the perfect way to engage with this rich tradition and heritage. Visiting Israel with Pomegranate Travel will be an emotionally moving, intellectually engaging, and spiritually uplifting adventure. You will see Jewish life first hand from biblical period Jewish homes, synagogues and artefacts, to the kaleidoscope of Jewish life which makes up Israel today. In true Jewish style you will be encouraged to get involved in the many debates internal to Israeli society, to explore questions of identity, and to eat lots. Pomegranate Travel arranges Jewish Heritage tours for first timers in Israel, for those who have not visited for many years, and for those looking for a more in depth experience.

Egypt & Morocco also have long and fascinating Jewish histories, so if this is an important topic for you please do let us know when inquiring about your Egypt or Morocco tour, and for further information please see here.

  • Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel

    We would be delighted to facilitate the celebration of your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel, helping you to connect your family to thousands of years of Jewish history.

  • Jewish Cooking Class

    Dive into the captivating world of Moroccan-Jewish cuisine in a hands-on cooking workshop, where you'll master time-honored recipes, like flavorful fish dishes and traditional mouflettas, as a local community member shares enchanting tales and insights, offering a unique glimpse into this rich cultural blend.

  • Jewish Heritage in Egypt

    Jews and Egyptians have a long history as the bible tells us, but the first fully documented Jewish presence in Egypt was on Elephantine island where Jewish mercenaries were garrisoned.

  • Jewish Heritage NGO

    Discover a unique NGO connecting faiths and preserving Jewish-Moroccan culture.

  • Jewish Heritage of Morocco

    Morocco is an Aladdin’s cave of Jewish history, though nowadays, much is hidden from plain sight, requiring knowledge and insight to help unpeel its layers.

  • Jewish Heritage Sites

    Where are the best places to visit on a Jewish heritage tour in Israel? The obvious starting point is Jerusalem, the capital of King David’s ancient state, and today’s modern state of Israel.

  • Perfect Jewish Heritage tour

    Jewish heritage in Israel is focused not only on ancient history, but also to a large extent on more recent history.

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