Israel Experiences

Israel is one of the world’s most exciting, diverse and complex destinations. As far as inspiration & creativity go, it is impossible to overstate just how much Israel punches above its weight as a tiny country packed with every imaginable experience - plus those you can't yet imagine. Here at Pomegranate we curate the best of the best, ensuring your Israel trip is overflowing with wonder.
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  • Active Family

    We love mixing things up a bit and getting super active! With our host of specialist guides, we will help you and your family hike, bike, rappel, swim, surf, jeep, camp and fly your way around this country.

  • Ancient masters in Israel

    Starting with the past, Israel has a remarkable collection of beautiful ancient mosaics.

  • Art historian led museum and gallery tours

    Tel Aviv is generally regarded as the centre of culture in Israel, though Jerusalem also has its fair share to offer in this regard.

  • Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel

    We would be delighted to facilitate the celebration of your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel, helping you to connect your family to thousands of years of Jewish history.

  • Bird watching

    An extraordinary 500 million birds pass through Israel every spring and autumn, with 530 different species recorded.

  • Chef led market tours & cooking workshops

    We love arranging special food tasting tours with leading chefs, specialist food historians, or foodie bloggers who will guide you through the most famous food and spice markets to the tastiest Israeli titbits and help you understand and appreciate the different flavours.

  • Culture & Sport

    We are delighted to partner with the hugely innovative and creative Bathsheva Dance Company to offer private performances and meetings.

  • Desert Adventure Tours

    For those keen on adventure tourism the desert is well prepared to cater to your adrenal glands and their urges; desert jeep rides, rappelling down a 500m deep crater in the Negev desert (Makhtesh Ramon), hiking and cycling through new landscapes, diving into natural desert waterholes, and all whilst learning about desert creatures and environmentalism.

  • Desert Flora & Fauna

    One of our favourite desert tours involves a visit to the lesser known side of the Ramon Crater and the Negev Mountain Range where the Asiatic wild ass or Onager can be found.

    Photo credit: © Alon Yasovsky

  • Desert Nights

    If you want to try something a little different and off the beaten track, try our desert nights tour.

  • Desert Stargazing

    An intimate private experience, delve into the captivating world of stargazing as you explore the night skies of the desert with an expert astronomer.

  • Floating Spa

    The Dead Sea is perhaps the world's oldest spa resort.

  • Fly: Helis & Private Planes

    If you're short on time or looking for exclusivity, helicopters and private planes can make all the difference in Israel.

  • Graffiti & social projects

    If you are interested in how the Arts can help those in need, then we would be delighted to share some of our favourite art focused projects with you.

  • Historical Desert Tours

    The desert is not as barren as it may at first appear – quite to the contrary it has supported and been inhabited by many different civilisations over the millennia, many of whom have left impressive remains to excite history buffs.

  • Home Hospitality

    Meet the locals for a more in depth experience. We offer home hospitality with, amongst others, Druze, Bedouin, Nubian and Orthodox Jewish families.

  • Ice Cream & Chocolate

    Israel, and Tel Aviv in particular, is a world contender in the sphere of ice-cream parlours. You’ve got to see these places to believe it.

  • IDF experiences

    As a by-product of Israel’s history, Israel’s army – the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) – is today renowned as one of the strongest and most effective military forces in the world.

  • Israel concierge & exclusive private meals

    If you’re looking to wow and surprise your loved ones out here in Israel, we highly recommend a private wilderness meal, or special restaurant reservation.

  • Israel: Local geopolitics

    We can arrange tours to Israeli border towns where people have been especially impacted by geopolitical considerations, and also to the West Bank to meet with Palestinians and hear their narratives.

  • Israeli tech Start-ups

    Many visitors to Israel are also interested in Israel’s remarkable start-up story – today Israel has more start-ups and VC dollars per head than any other place on the planet. Israel is also home to more scientists and technicians as a percentage of the population than anywhere else, and has one of the most technologically literature populations in the world.

  • Jeep

    Jeeps are our best friend for getting us to places where the pack can’t go. Whether in the Golan region in the North of Israel, or the desert areas of the Negev in Israel, Wadi Rum in Jordan or the Sahara in Egypt, our jeeps provide you with the opportunity to get truly off-road and see landscapes which would otherwise be totally inaccessible.

  • Jewish Heritage Sites

    Where are the best places to visit on a Jewish heritage tour in Israel? The obvious starting point is Jerusalem, the capital of King David’s ancient state, and today’s modern state of Israel.

  • Meeting ethnic Israel

    From an ethnic perspective, you are bound to be surprised by the diversity of people you meet in Israel. We love getting to know a wide range of people through home visits - whether you'd like to share a delicious Druze meal in the North of Israel, understand the complexities of the Christian Arab identity, visit a generations old Muslim Arab village, or share a family Shabbat meal in a traditional Jewish setting, we are delighted to introduce you to our local friends.

  • Perfect Jewish Heritage tour

    Jewish heritage in Israel is focused not only on ancient history, but also to a large extent on more recent history.

  • Rappel

    Want to really get your heart pumping? Or to get the attention of your teenage kids? How about jumping off a cliff?!

  • Scuba & Dive

    The Middle East’s diversity extends far beyond its topology; immerse yourself in marine biodiversity by scuba diving amongst vibrant, thriving shoals of fish.

  • Social projects & NGOs

    Israel is blessed with its fair share of controversies but also the most amazing social projects & NGOs which will leave you feeling inspired by the people you meet and what they are achieving every day, little by little, to change their towns, their country, the region and the world.

  • Tel Aviv & Beyond: Architecture

    Tel Aviv is famed for its international modern style (traditionally called Bauhaus after the design school which influenced it), which led to the city being named a UNESCO world heritage site.

  • Tel Aviv by Night

    Maybe you would like to explore the legendary nightlife of Tel Aviv with a local insider?

  • Tel Aviv: Fashion tours

    Tel Aviv has become the fashion capital of the Middle East, and is now seen as a major global fashion destination.

  • Wine culture

    Of course, great food deserves to be accompanied by exceptional wine. The grapevine is one of the seven Biblical native species of Israel listed in the book of Deuteronomy, and this land has a strong wine making tradition.

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