Helicopter Tours

If you’re looking to add a thrill to your Israel experience, then climbing high could well be the way forward.

Helicopters provide breath-taking views of this small country, and importantly with a helicopter tour you can see the remarkable geo-diversity of the country, as you fly from North to South you see the lush green forests and hills of the North fade away into semi-arid and then full desert conditions. You can also see how narrow the country is, with the Mediterranean on the West, and the Jordan River on the East.

Although Israel is a small country, if you’re looking to base yourself in the centre, and tour either the North or the desert region, in just one day, helicopters are the way forward!

For a day tour of the North, we would typically take off from the centre of the country, land around the Sea of Galilee, and then take off again towards the Golan region where we would land for an off-road jeep tour and winery lunch, before flying back to the centre stopping once again at the UNESCO world heritage site of the Old City of Acre.  Without a helicopter such a tour would take at least two days.

For a helicopter day tour of the desert regions, we might suggest that you take off from the centre of the country and stop in the Judean Desert for a tour of Masada and a dip in the Dead Sea.  We would then take off again and fly further South into the Negev where you might enjoy a private wilderness lunch before taking a jeep ride through the Ramon Crater or visiting the UNESCO world heritage sites of Avdat and Shivta.  Your helicopter awaiting, we fly you back to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in time for an evening out on the town.

We also love helicopter tours for those looking for that extra excitement! It’s quite a thrill to see iconic sites such as the Dome of the Rock or the Masada fortress from the aerial view.

We are proud to add that our in-house pilot is a retired Israel Air Force General with well over 13,000 flying hours under his belt. His last role in the IAF was head of the helicopters division – it is hard to imagine flying with a more capable or experienced pilot!

The helicopter was fantastic. The pilot was fantastic.

Glenn F, New York

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