Geopolitical Tours

Although you’ll be surprised at the extent to which you can’t feel it, there is no denying that Israel sits in the centre of a geopolitically complex, and at times tense, region.

A visit to the Middle East can be an opportunity to delve beyond the headlines and gain deeper context and understanding for the reasons behind the region’s conflicts, the different and competing narratives, and how they impact day-to-day life.

Although many of our Israel tours are likely to touch on these issues, it is possible to go even deeper with our specialist geopolitical tours. At Pomegranate Travel we strongly believe in allowing our guests to form their own opinions about the local politics, and our expert Israel tour guides make sure to do their best to present a balanced perspective. However, we also encourage our visitors to meet the locals to learn about their experiences here in the region, and we will facilitate meetings with people from across the political, religious and ethnic spectrums.

If you are looking to go even deeper, whether in Israel, Jordan or Egypt we are happy to arrange meetings or tours with experts in the geo-political field, for example those who have personally participated in regional two track negotiations; senior military figures (including some of the most senior female members of the IDF); leading regional think tank founder; and opinion shaping journalists.
So where should you visit for a geo-political tour? Here are some of the best places to visit to consider for this topic:

  • IDF experiences

    As a by-product of Israel’s history, Israel’s army – the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) – is today renowned as one of the strongest and most effective military forces in the world.

  • Jerusalem and the West Bank

    Prior to 1948 Jerusalem, the West Bank (also known by its biblical name Judea and Samaria), and wider Transjordan were under the control of the British Mandate.

  • The Gaza strip

    We also offer fascinating geo-political tours in the Northern Negev around the Israeli communities on the border with Gaza.

  • The Golan Heights

    Between 1948 and 1967, Syria used its vantage point in the Golan Heights to fire at Israeli communities living in the valley below.

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