Flora & Fauna

Our destinations are home to much more biodiversity than you might think, both in the desert areas and in the wooded Mediterranean regions.
Nature and Bird Watching

The Middle East & North Africa are more diverse than you may think, all of our destinations have areas which are desert and areas which are incredibly green and verdant.  Additionally, you may think of the desert as barren, but in reality there are a whole world of desert animals, insects, birds and plants to discover. Explored at the right times, with the right guides, the desert can be a nature lovers’ paradise, while the region’s forests and wetlands team with biodiversity much of the year.

  • Bird watching

    An extraordinary 500 million birds pass through Israel every spring and autumn, with 530 different species recorded.

  • Desert Flora & Fauna

    One of our favourite desert tours involves a visit to the lesser known side of the Ramon Crater and the Negev Mountain Range where the Asiatic wild ass or Onager can be found.

    Photo credit: © Alon Yasovsky

  • Hike

    Israel and Jordan are our top recommendations for great hiking options, from family friendly trails to true challenges.

  • Turtle watching

    Discover the enchanting Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, where you'll encounter sea turtles nesting on Oman's picturesque coastline, offering an unforgettable and intimate wildlife experience.

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