Exclusive Private Meetings

At Pomegranate Travel we are proud to partner with many of Israel’s preeminent thinkers and operators across the fields of art, culture, security, geopolitics and sports.

We are able to arrange special expert meetings, tours, lectures and performances.

  • Culture & Sport

    We are delighted to partner with the hugely innovative and creative Bathsheva Dance Company to offer private performances and meetings.

  • Geopolitics and Strategy

    For example, if you think the geopolitics of Israel and the Middle East is complicated, why not have it broken down for you by a member of the official Israeli team negotiating with the Palestinians?

  • Technology Start-ups

    Many visitors to Israel are also interested in Israel’s remarkable start-up story – today Israel has more start-ups and VC dollars per head than any other place on the planet. Israel is also home to more scientists and technicians as a percentage of the population than anywhere else, and has one of the most technologically literature populations in the world.

Why Pomegranate?

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