Christian Heritage

For many millions of Christians around the world, Israel & Jordan comprise the Holy Land, the Land of the Bible. At Pomegranate Travel we understand the deep significance of the holy land’s biblical history, and present practice, to Christian visitors.
Christian Heritage

A Holy Land tour or Pilgrimage should be a truly powerful experience. It is one thing to grow up with the stories of the Bible, but to actually see the places mentioned, to understand the geography and the scenery – this brings the Word to life and enables you to really live the text. To walk where Jesus walked is a deeply impactful experience which will create memories lasting for the rest of your life.

  • Christian Heritage in Jordan

    Jordan is part of the Holy Land and includes sites of religious historic interest such as Madaba, Mount Nebo and Bethany beyond the Jordan.

  • Christian pilgrimage sites

    Starting with the Old Testament, there are a great number of Biblical period remains, beginning with Joshua’s conquest of the Holy Land over 3000 years ago to the destruction of the first Jewish Temple in 586 BC, and through to the lifetime of Jesus in whose footsteps you can walk on an Israel tour. There are also important pilgrimage sites in Jordan & Egypt which can be woven into your itinerary.

  • The Perfect Christian Inspired Tour

    At Pomegranate Travel we go that much further to make your pilgrimage to Israel meaningful. To that end, we can arrange mass or communion services, baptism or rededication of baptism ceremonies in the River Jordan.

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