Art and architecture

This is a real passion for us at Pomegranate Travel and by the end of your tour we are certain that you will understand why.
Art and architecture

The best Israel tours will always incorporate parts of the rich artistic heritage, but for those with a real passion for the subject we can further tailor your Israel tour to focus on Israeli art and architecture both past and present.

  • Ancient masters

    Starting with the past, Israel has a remarkable collection of beautiful ancient mosaics.

  • Architecture tours

    Tel Aviv is famed for its international modern style (traditionally called Bauhaus after the design school which influenced it), which led to the city being named a UNESCO world heritage site.

  • Art historian led museum and gallery tours

    Tel Aviv is generally regarded as the centre of culture in Israel, though Jerusalem also has its fair share to offer in this regard.

  • Bathsheva dance company

    The Bathsheva dance company has been critically acclaimed and popularly embraced as one of the foremost contemporary dance companies in the world.

  • Fashion & style tours

    Tel Aviv has become the fashion capital of the Middle East, and is now seen as a major global fashion destination.

  • Graffiti & social projects

    If you are interested in how the Arts can help those in need, then we would be delighted to share some of our favourite art focused projects with you.

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