Active and Adventure

At Pomegranate Travel we love adventure and know the best activities and locations for thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline-packed holiday.
Active and adventure

Our destinations offer a huge range of adventure opportunities that are as diverse as the countries themsleves. Here is just some of what we can offer:

  • Agafay Astronomy

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting stillness of the Agafay Desert at night, as an exclusive stargazing adventure with an expert astronomer takes you on a breathtaking journey through the celestial wonders of Morocco's unpolluted night sky.

  • Bike & Charity Challenge

    Israel and Jordan both offer outstanding biking options.

  • Dhow Boat Cruise

    Unwind on a tranquil dhow cruise along Muscat's coast, enjoying picturesque views, Omani hospitality, and a delightful array of refreshments as you soak in the rich history and captivating landscapes.

  • Dolphin & Snorkeling

    Discover the wonders of Oman's coastal waters on a memorable dolphin-watching and snorkeling cruise from Muscat, offering opportunities to observe playful dolphins, explore vibrant coral reefs, and create lasting memories of the rich marine life in the Gulf of Oman.

  • Erg Chebbi ATV

    Embark on an adrenaline-fueled quad biking excursion across Erg Chebbi's golden dunes, where the mesmerizing desert scenery and thrilling off-road adventure unite for an unforgettable experience in Morocco's sun-soaked terrain.

  • Fly: Helis & Private Planes

    If you're short on time or looking for exclusivity, helicopters and private planes can make all the difference in Israel.

  • Frankincense Tour

    Experience an unforgettable adventure through the captivating Dhofar region, where you'll discover breathtaking coastal vistas, mesmerizing mountain landscapes, and the rich cultural heritage of the iconic frankincense trees, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Helicopter Tour

    Open Muscat's iconic landmarks, such as the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and Royal Opera House, from a breathtaking aerial perspective on a thrilling 15-minute helicopter tour that showcases the city's stunning beauty and architectural wonders.

  • High Atlas Explorer

    Escape to the serene Atlas Mountains and discover the charming village of Imlil, a hidden gem just 90 km from Marrakech, where you'll experience authentic Berber culture, embark on light hiking amid breathtaking scenery, and enjoy traditional cuisine while supporting local communities.

  • Hike

    Israel and Jordan are our top recommendations for great hiking options, from family friendly trails to true challenges.

  • Hiking, biking & canyoning

    Jordan is an outstanding destination for soft adventure.

  • IDF experiences

    As a by-product of Israel’s history, Israel’s army – the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) – is today renowned as one of the strongest and most effective military forces in the world.

  • Jeep

    Jeeps are our best friend for getting us to places where the pack can’t go. Whether in the Golan region in the North of Israel, or the desert areas of the Negev in Israel, Wadi Rum in Jordan or the Sahara in Egypt, our jeeps provide you with the opportunity to get truly off-road and see landscapes which would otherwise be totally inaccessible.

  • Marrakech by Sidecar

    Unveiling the hidden gems of Marrakech, embark on a captivating adventure aboard a vintage sidecar, where your private guide tailors an unforgettable journey through the city's labyrinthine streets, iconic architecture, and fascinating local culture.

  • Rappel

    Want to really get your heart pumping? Or to get the attention of your teenage kids? How about jumping off a cliff?!

  • Rif Mountains Hike

    Embark on a memorable hiking adventure through the untouched beauty of the Rif Mountains, discovering hidden trails, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas that make Chefchaouen a hiker's paradise.

  • Sahara Camel Ride

    Journey through Morocco's rich cultural heritage and immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Erg Chebbi's golden dunes with an unforgettable camel ride adventure.

  • Sahara Sandboarding

    Erg Chebbi, a breathtakingly beautiful sea of towering sand dunes near Merzouga, is an unforgettable destination for adventure seekers looking to experience the thrill of sandboarding amid one of Morocco's most stunning desert landscapes.

  • Scuba & Dive

    The Middle East’s diversity extends far beyond its topology; immerse yourself in marine biodiversity by scuba diving amongst vibrant, thriving shoals of fish.

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