Active and Adventure

At Pomegranate Travel we love adventure and know the best activities and locations for thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline-packed holiday.
Active and adventure

Israel offers a huge range of adventure opportunities that are as diverse as the country itself. Here is just some of what we can offer:

  • Bike

    Bike through the Hula Valley of the North of Israel, an area of outstanding natural beauty and home to hundreds of species of birds.

  • Challenge

    We are also experts at catering to small and large group tours engaged with personal or charity challenges.

  • Fly

    We offer helicopter tours of Israel, from the very North to the very South of the country.

  • Hike

    Israelis love to hike, or to ‘go on tiyul’ as they call it! There are great hiking options throughout the country, from family friendly trails to true challenges.

  • Jeep

    Jeeps are our best friend for getting us to places where the pack can’t go. Whether in the Golan region in the North, or the Judean or Negev desert in the South, our jeeps provide you with the opportunity to get truly off-road and see landscapes which would otherwise be totally inaccessible.

  • Rappel

    Want to really get your heart pumping? Or to get the attention of your teenage kids? How about jumping off a cliff?!

  • Water

    Israel’s diversity extends far beyond its topology; immerse yourself in marine biodiversity by scuba diving amongst vibrant, thriving shoals of fish – or antiquities – along the coast.

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