The history of the Jewish people is an extraordinary narrative, and Israel is the place where that story is told. It is the place where the story started, and where, in vibrant colours, the story continues to unfold today.Pomegranate Travel frequently arranges Jewish Heritage Israel tours for first timers, for those who have not visited for many years, and for those looking for a more in depth experience.Visiting Israel with Pomegranate Travel will be an emotionally moving, intellectually challenging, and spiritually uplifting adventure.With the heritage tour you will see Jewish life and religion in Israel first hand from biblical period Jewish homes and synagogues, to monuments to Zionist pioneers, to the kaleidoscope of Jewish life which makes up Israel today.In true Jewish style you will be encouraged to get involved in the many debates internal to Israeli society, to explore questions of identity, and to eat lots!
Jewish Heritage
Included in this itinerary of guided Jewish tours:

Ancient Jewish History

  •  The Old City of Jerusalem with in depth Jewish Heritage focus
  •  The Israel Museum – see the Dead Sea scrolls
  • Masada – the last stand of the Jews against the Romans
  • Caesarea – Jewish roots and Roman history
  • Zippori – see stunning mosaics where the Mishna was complied
  • The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) – ancient synagogues in a beautiful setting
  • Beth She’an – 18 layers of archaeological finds

Jewish Spirituality

  •  Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel
  • Tsfat – the home of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism

20th Century Jewish History & Zionism

  • Yad Vashem – Israel’s Holocaust museum
  • Atlit Deportation Camp
  • Acre Underground Prisoners Museum
  • Golan Heights and Israel’s borders
  • Stay on a kibbutz

Vibrant Israeli Life

  • Hip Tel Aviv with optional culinary and culture tours highlights
  • Mahane Yehuda Market
  • Boutique wineries & organic goat cheese farms
All holidays are tailor made to suit you, so the above is just indicative of a Jewish Heritage tour. Prices exclude international flights and are based on two people sharing.8 nights including expert private guide, accommodation in midrange or boutique hotels and all transfers, dinners on four nights, costs from $3860 (£2550) per person.On a budget? Ask about self drive and budget boutique options.

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