Pomegranate IsraelIf you are looking for vacation ideas that are a little bit different, we warmly recommend considering an ecological Israel tour. Eco-tourism is a rapidly expanding way of seeing the world, as increasingly visitors are looking to travel in a sustainable manner and explore ways of improving our environment.


Visit Israel like never before with a Pomegranate eco-tour. Given the paucity of available drinking water, Israel has pioneered technologies to reduce water use and also to recycle waste water, techniques which are becoming increasingly important as global warming continues and the world’s population expands. A visit to the Shafdan water treatment plant is an amazing insight into how Israel recycles 75% of its waste water, the highest amount of any country in the world and three times the amount of Spain, its closest rival. A trip to the Arava valley in Israel’s south is an absolute must. Kibbutz Lotan is pioneering various techniques of living sustainably, from their mud hut technology (you can stay in one!) to their compostable toilets. The nearby Kibbutz Ketura is leading Israel’s development of solar technology and a visit to their solar farm is quite the experience. In fact, the desert is surprisingly full of scattered organic farms which welcome visitors, and the entire region relies heavily on Israel’s pioneering drip irrigation techniques which carefully monitor the right level of water for the plants to avoid any wastage.If you are looking for family vacation ideas, a visit to the Hava VeAdam ecological farm in the center of Israel can be great. The farm, the oldest ecological center in Israel, offers a variety of workshops ranging from building with recycled materials to foraging edible plants and outdoor cooking – they are great for all the family.Not too far away is the Vertigo art village. Home to the Vertigo dance troupe, it seeks to be a space where artists can be inspired by living closely with nature as sustainably as possible. They also offer a variety of workshops and classes and the changing artists in residence provide a constant recharge of inspiration.

Green Travel

Another interesting destination for your Israel tour is the village of Klil in the north. Founded by some passionate pioneers, it is not connected to the national electricity grid as the residents are determined to generate their own power. They live in an interesting mix of homes – tepees, yurts, and more recognisable houses, and farm their own organic produce. And of course, Israel has a remarkable variety of flora and fauna for such a small space, a virtue of its varied topography and geology. Time your travel to Israel right, and you can enjoy one of the major flowering seasons, such as the anemone bloom when parts of the Negev desert turn bright red and Israelis flock to marvel at the natural wonder. Or maybe you can catch one of the twice-yearly bird migrations – as a major land bridge between Africa, Asia and Europe, Israel plays host to half a billion migrating birds every year. Of course, we can arrange your Israel tour around the bird-watching hotspots and arrange for you to be companied by a guide who is an expert in ornithology.