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The desert of Wadi Rum is one of our most loved destinations in Jordan, offering moon like landscapes, fascinating cultural visits with the Bedouin, and a chance for adventure.

Wadi Rum is a must visit Jordan destination for lovers of desert and wilderness. The sandy landscape rolls on for as far as the eye can see – this is a place where you will truly feel isolated as you explore the wilderness in your traditional open back jeep, discovering sand dunes and curious rock formations with your local Bedouin guide.

If off the beaten track is what you’re looking for, we will be delighted to include an absolutely authentic Bedouin meal – health warning: not for those looking for the ‘tourist’ or ‘Bedouin style’ experience! Many of the Bedouin of Wadi Rum still live in age old traditional tents which are separated between living quarters for men and women. Men and women also eat separately – as visitors you will most likely be invited to eat on the mens’ side of the tent while the women who have prepared the meal will be separated from you by an inner tent divide. Needless to say there is no air conditioning (and it can be very hot from Spring through Fall), no bathroom, and no cutlery. There are however, goats, chicken, bare foot children and extremely gracious, smiley and welcoming hosts.

At Wadi Rum we suggest you also sleep in a tent, though a reconstructed one – the best accommodation in Wadi Rum resembles African safari tents out in the wilderness, and needs to be booked quite some time in advance.  Here you will have the opportunity to quietly contemplate as you absorb the colours and textures around you, as enjoy a cold sundowner as the sun sets, flooding the sky with the most glorious pinks and reds imaginable.

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