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The naturally oxygen rich air is infused with vapours rising from the mineral rich Sea.

As you surreally float on water, the minerals will turn your skin oh-so-silky, and your mind oh-so-peaceful.
Little wonder the Dead Sea has been renowned as a natural spa since ancient times.

Nahal Ein Bokek is a wonderful, short and easy hike which begins from the EinBokek hotel area. You need walk only a short distance until you are out in nature. From this point onwards you are out in the wild, and you will follow a path which leads into the Bokek stream, and the natural canopy of Tamarisk Trees. The path curls and turns into a steep canyon that cuts into the mountain side.

As you carry on walking you will come to water pools and running water- a true desert oasis complete with the wonderful scent of reeds, saltbush and capparis!

The Dead Sea in particular was a highlight! Amazing landscape.

Nicola K, London

The Dead Sea

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