• View of a narrow street in Tsfat/Safed, Israel

Safed (or Tzfat) is the ancient mystical centre of kabbalah, where you will wander through time worn cobbled streets, exploring age old synagogues, ducking in and out of art galleries, craft shops and charming cafes.

Tzfat’s historical sites are diverse: from the graves of important Rabbis, to the impressive crusader Citadel, and the Great Stairs built by the British to separate Jews and Arabs. Tzfat is a magical place where the ancient stones invite you to reach and touch them, to feel the layers of human history, and the breeze asks you to listen out for the tales it whispers.

In addition to teaching you about Jewish mysticism, a tour of Tzfat will expose you to the beautiful ancient synagogues of the city, and if it’s of interest you can meet a Kabbalistic artist, take part in a candle making workshop (Tzfat is famous for its long, plaited Havdalah candles), and visit a Kabbalah centre where mystics will study your name and reveal truths about you!

map of Safed

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