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Jordan, Egypt & UAE

An Israel tour is easily combined with a visit to neighbouring Jordan or Egypt, or a quick flight over to the UAE. We are pleased to offer a seamless service incorporating these destinations.

Please visit our Beyond Israel pages for full information on combining your Israel experience with other destinations in the region.

The South of Israel shares borders with both Jordan and Egypt and is therefore an excellent gateway to continuing your tour in either of these countries.  You can also easily access Jordan, Egypt and the UAE from the centre of Israel whether by land border or a quick flight.

Petra & Jordan:  Petra is our most popular supplementary destination, and understandably so.  This ancient rose coloured Nabatean city is simply a wonder to behold, and a must visit once in a lifetime site.  Petra is easily accessed from the south of Israel, less than a two hour private transfer from the Arava border between Israel and Jordan which is crossed at Eilat in Israel/ Aqaba in Jordan.  Indeed Petra may be visited as a day trip from the south of Israel, though many visitors choose to stay at least one night in Jordan.  Jordan as a country offers far more than Petra alone, though Petra is indisputably the jewel in her crown.  For further information on all that Jordan has to offer including desert adventures in Wadi Rum, Roman remains at Jerash, the melding of traditional and modern worlds in Amman, and much, much more please see here, and you can see one of our example Israel & Jordan tours here.  Quite apart from the sites, you will find the Jordanian people extremely hospitable and keen to share their country with you. Please do ask us about discovering Jordan whether as a stand alone destination, or combined with neighbouring Israel!

The Treasury, Petra, photographer Carole Radatto

Egypt:  Egypt has attracted curious travellers for as long as travel literature has existed.  The ancient Egyptian world continues to fascinate and enthral, and Egypt is arguably home to some of the most impressive ancient remains anywhere in the world.  The south of Israel shares a land border with Egypt, alternatively it is a short direct flight from Tel Aviv to Cairo.  Egypt is vast, but highlights include Cairo itself, a bustling Arab city where you will learn about the modern country as well as visit the famous Museum of Egyptian Antiquities; the jaw-dropping pyramids of Giza; and a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan taking in the antiquities at Luxor, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings.  Those with the stamina will be well rewarded by continuing their journey from Aswan to the Sun Temple of Abu Simbel – a site so magnificent it has inspired an entire body of myths and literature.  For further information on continuing your tour in Egypt please see our Egypt insights here.

Sphinx Pyramid, photographer Royce Glance

Sphinx Pyramid, photographer Royce Glance

The UAE:  Since the summer of 2020 and the historic peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, these two countries have been smoothly linked by short, direct flights.  Touring Israel can be intense, and the UAE offers some of the world’s best resorts ideal for relaxation and absorbing everything you have seen and learnt during your tour.  The UAE is wonderfully warm throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons, and in addition to fabulous resorts offers a chance to engage with the Arab world in transition.  For fuller information about our UAE offering please see here.

Burj Al Arab by Night, Dubai

The trip to Petra was flawless and I thank you.

Herb J, New York


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