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The enchanting city of Nizwa lies in the middle of a breathtaking mountainous region and is an excellent starting point for trips into Oman’s deserts. During the 6th and 7th centuries, it was the capital of Oman and has since managed to preserve its quintessentially Omani style, flavour and architecture.

Surrounded by picturesque mountains and a lush palm oasis, Nizwa is the cultural capital of Oman and home to the imposing Nizwa Fort and the vibrant Nizwa Souq, where one can explore traditional Omani crafts and wares. With its proximity to Oman’s capital Muscat and attractions like Jebel Akhdar, Bahla, and Al Hamra, Nizwa serves as an ideal base for exploring the country’s diverse landscapes and historic sites. Whether seeking adventure or tranquility, Nizwa promises an unforgettable travel experience that showcases the best of Oman’s charm and hospitality.

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