• Nimrod Castle

Nimrod Castle

Nimrod Castle is a site which is often overlooked but absolutely ought not to be.

It lies on the ridge of Mount Hermon, and the abandoned Crusader period castle presents a fantasy landscape.  The castle is huge, and beckons to be explored.  Although Crusader in period and style, the castle was built by by Al-Maliq al-‘Aziz ‘Othman in 1228 in order to block the passage of Friedrich II who threatened to march from Acre to Damascus flying the Crusader banner.

It was extended and aggrandised by the Mamluk Sultan Beibars, whose insignia remains on a huge stone tablet.  This is a massively exciting site which sparks the imagination of all who visit it.

We were very impressed with all the guides. The holiday would have been a lot less interesting had we tried to do all that on our own with a guide book.

Sandra F, New York

map of Nimrod Castle

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