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Marrakech Gardens

Discover the enchanting world of Marrakech's ornamental gardens, where the UNESCO-listed Menara Gardens and the historic Secret Garden await, inviting you to explore their stunning landscapes, serene pavilions, and rich cultural heritage, offering a tranquil retreat from the bustling city and an unforgettable journey through Morocco's lush beauty and architectural splendor.

Marrakech is home to some of the world’s most beautiful ornamental gardens, two of our favorites are the Menara Gardens and Secret Garden.  One of the most beautiful green spaces in Marrakech, the UNESCO-listed Menara Gardens are full of olive, cypress and fruit trees surround a large central water basin, with a  19th-century pavilion that offers stunning views of the distant Atlas Mountains, a classic example of Alaouite royal pavilion architecture. Established by Abd al Mu’min, founder of the Almohad empire, the tradition of creating gardens on the peripheries of cities is believed to have been for agricultural purposes with large basins that provided irrigation year-round. Moving to the Secret Garden, this belongs to the great tradition of stately Arab-Andalusian and Moroccan palaces, Le Jardin Secret is a historic riad more than 400 years old, rooted in the Saadian Dynasty. The architecture is impressive, with its rammed earth walls, tadelakt, and hand-carved stuccos. Yet, the beautiful Islamic garden makes the strongest impression. Designed to adhere to the geometric rules of Islam, it symbolises contemplation, reflection, and harmony with a symmetrical four-part layout and a central water basin. Filled with pomegranate, date and fig groves, you’ll find a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the medina. A second, smaller courtyard, called the “exotic garden”, houses plants from all over the world and is also a beautiful, reflective space to retreat from the city.

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