• Jerash

Jerash is a hugely impressive Roman site, one of the finest in the Middle East, and is a must visit for all those interested in ancient times.

The ancient city of Jerash is easily accessible as a day trip from Amman being just an hour away, and we definitely advise including it in your Jordan itinerary should time permit. Jerash is an almost entire Roman city – hugely impressive in terms of its scale and remains. Together with Beth Shean just over the border in Israel, Jerash was one of the ten Decapolis through which the Romans dominated and traded through the Middle East.  As a major trading town, Jerash grew wealthy and the huge sum of public monies spent on aggrandizing the city is still very much evident.

Highlights include two theatres, one with original marble flooring and the other still able to seat 3000 people; a huge fountain; the Arch of Hadrian built to welcome to the Emperor, and of course the Roman Cardo itself.  However, the real piece de resistance of this site includes two stunning temples one for Artemis and the other for Zeus.  The temple to Artemis is one of the most remarkable Eastern Roman monuments which still stands today, it is surrounded by eleven columns with near perfect Corinthian finishes, and is quite a site to behold.

There is a wonderful local restaurant offering plentiful fresh and delicious Arabic food close to Jerash, so we suggest including lunch on this day tour too!

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